torsdag 4 juli 2013

Olvier & Co - Vetiverus

Picture: Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) Essential Oil
Photo: Itineranttrader, Wikimedia Commons
Vetiverus is also a part of the illustrated series from spanish perfumehouse Oliver & Co. My impressions comes from Mr Parfumistas testings of Vetiverus.

Vetiverus starts bold, almost medical smelling with notes that feels very natural, like in some creations from La Via del Profumo like for example Tabac. There are also an almost mossy impresson in the start. The start of Vetiverus is masculine IMO. As Vetiverus dries down, the intial harshness softens significantly and the compositon changes to a pleasent, dark green, soapy blend. In this stage Vetiverus is unisex but overall Vetiverus leans towards the masculine and that is probably the reason why Mr Parfumista like Vetiverus better than I do. Vetiverus smells very good on him and he has even consumed the sample, something which is not usual when it comes to this picky nose.

Vetiverus, just as La Colonia, is interesting in its development and in the same time easy to wear and officefriendly (expect the intial accord). Longevity is great (24h+) and sillage is medium+.

Those who like different interpretations of vetiver should definitly try Vetiverus, it has traces from both the more sharp herbal part of them (for example the LesNez Vetiver serie) as from the soapy ones as Guerlain Vetiver and Mona di Orio Vétyver.

Rating: 4

Notes: Labdanum, styrax, vetiver, ambergris, osmanthus flower, orange peel, patchouly, musk, coriander seed, clove bud

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