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Oliver & Co - La Colonia

Picture: La Colonia by Oliver & Co
Photo: PR Oliver & Co
La Colonia from spanish nichehouse Oliver & Co founded by Oliver Valverde who also creates the parfumes, is not a cologne IMO even if it intermediates some elements of cologne freshness. Instead La Colonia performs as an Edt with good sillage and longevity, features that is rare when it comes to light fragrances these days.La Colonia is a part of the illustrated series where an illustration of Pablo Perez Sanmartin capturing the essence of each fragrance is included.

La Colonia starts with a acquatic-citirc accord and the opening is was I like the least with this fragrance, the initial stage feels too undescript "usual-light-perfum-y".Fortunately, this stage doesen't  last long at all, after a few minutes some fersh green, herbal slight spicy notes apperas with dill as the prodominant player to me. The dill in this creation is well blanced, dill I suspect can be too sharp and overwhelming but in La Colonia it's a good contrast to the flowers and soft woody notes. Another composition where dill is used in a pleasant way is Eau de Lalique. In the dry down of La Colonia there is also a fizzy green note playing in harmony with the crisp Lily of the Valley. I suspect this note is green pepper.

La Colonia is a fragrance with interesting twists but in the same time easy to wear, fresh without any detergentnotes and very officefriendly. Perfect for summer or anytime of the year when longing for warm summerdays.

Those who are fond of fragrances in the chilly, fresh, dark green style of Patricia de Nicolaï Week End à Deauville and Andy Tauer Carillon pour une Ange will probably appreciate La Colonia.

Rating: 4

Notes: Bergamot, ozone, dill, jasmine, green pepper, lily of the valley, sandal- and cedarwood

La Colonia and the other intriguing Oliver & Co fragrances is possible to order (free shipping around the world) from the Oliver & Co website

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