torsdag 18 juli 2013

M.Micallef -Art Collection Rouge No 2

Picture: The beautiful bottle of Rouge No  2
Photo: PR M.Micallef (c), all rights reserved
Rouge No 2 in the M.Micallef Art Collection 2013 is a just as comfortable, delicious sibling to Rouge No 1. Just as the latter, Rouge No 2 is created by the Micallef housenose Jean-Claude Astier and the red stunning bottle, a variation of Rouge No 1 by Martine Micallef herself.

Rouge No 2 just as Rouge No 1 starts sweet and delicious but to my nose No 2 is less soft fruity-vanillic and  lend more to green, tangy black currant notes but with a fudgy gourmand edge. In the middlenotes a whiff of a note (not mentioned among the ingredients) that smells almost as soft non-sweet coconut occurs but the mainplayers are violet and orchid underscored with jasmine, making a more serious impression than the louder middlenotes of No 1. There is something in this stage that reminds me of a clean and proper version of ELDO Putain des Palaces. Unlike the latter, there are no dirty or dangerous notes lurking beneath and the violet-orchid combo is not lipstick-y nor powdery. Even the animalic note that appears (castoreum), is somehow clean as a brand new luxuary fur coat. Beside the animalic note also the rest of the base of Rouge No 2 is darker, with resins and less vanilla than No 1. Another fragrance that Rouge No 2 reminds me of is Poudre de Riz by Huitème Art.

Overall my impression is that Rouge No 2 are darker and the more serious, intorvert sibling of the Rouges. Rouge No 1 has a happier, easy to go and more extrovert character than No 2. Both fragrances will suit for the occasions when one have to take care of oneself and to be wrapped in Rouge No 2 is just as comfortable as to be surrounded by No 1. Just as the charcters of the fragrances, No 2 is preferred for philosophical and No 1 for more outreach activities. Rouge No 2 could be worn year around expect in sunny summerheat but is on the other hand, perfect for dark late summer evenings. Sillage is medium and longevity is for 24h. A wellblended fragrance of high quality. Rouge No 2 is just as good as No 1 but my favorite is No 1 as i find it more original and intriguing, Rouge 2 doesn't stand out from the crowd as much as No 1. I think they complement each other in a good way. Both Rouge No 1 and No 2 are well worth trying for those in search for a just enough sweet, olfactory delight of high quality. These fragrances have nothing in common with the shrill fruity-florals which could be found among some mainstream offerings.

Rating: 4

Notes: Citruses, black currant, nutmeg; jasmine, violet, orchid, vanilla, labdanum, amber, castoreum

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