lördag 27 juli 2013

Fragrance(s) of the week (30) 2013 - About Mitsi

Picture: Autumn Red peach
Photo: Jack Dykinga, USDA, Wikimedia Commons
Earlier this week I performed a side by side comparasion between the current version of Mitsouko Edp and an earlier version about 10 years old (golden box with yellow fields). The overall impression is similar but I perceive the current version as brighter and thinner in texture, the peachnote is also a tad less ripe. There is also a note close to light vetiver in the base, probably some mossubstitute as I recognize this note from some contemporary chypres and such as Grossmith Golden Chypre. The older version is deeper, darker, moistier and mossier and the impression is more "old-styled". The peachnote is more ripe and light spicy, the base is darker and mossier.  The longevity is about the same for both versions.

I like both versions and just as with the Edt I think that the modern version is more wearable as it is better suited to the tastes of the 2010s, despite retro in style compared to most of the current fragranceofferings. The older version is more oldstyled and reserved for the days when the retromood appears. Overall the new version is a wellcrafted fragrance more intriguing and special even than most of todays niche-offerings.

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