torsdag 25 juli 2013

Boucheron - Jaïpur Bracelet

Picture: Jaïpur Bracelet
Photo: PR Boucheron (c)
The jewellery house Boucheron has been in the fragrancemarket since 1989 when the iconic floral-oriental Boucheron pour Femme was released. Even if this first release still is the jewel of the crown, the 2012
Jaïpur Bracelet, flanker of another classic from the house Jaïpur, is a very pleasant finding. Jaïpur Bracelet is created by Carlos Benaim. An earlier and now discontinued flanker to Jaïpur is Jaïpur Saphire

Jaïpur Bracelet starts with a green, slight herbal, flowery accord accentuated with orange-citirc notes which when interacting creates an almost berry tune to the fragrance which in turn softens the sharpness and warms up the coldness of the crispy flowers; Lily of the valley, hyacint, iris and carnation. If this fragrance had a color it would be medium, velvety pink, a bit darker than the color of the Jaïpur Bracelet box and bottle. From top to base Jaïpur Bracelet reminds me of a less sweeter version of the first Lalique fragrance with the same name. The Lalique contains berry and fruity notes but also vanilla and some white flowers and as a 1990 release it is bolder and with a bigger silage even if Jaïpur Bracelet has a not contemptible silage to be created as late as 2012. Instead of vanilla, sandalwood and musk as in Lalique, Jaïpur Bracelet ends up in the wellbalanced woody-musky base of cashmerean. Another fragence that reminds me of Jaïpur Bracelet is the big, bold and sparkling Dior Pure Poison (one of the three cretors of this is Carlos Benaim) but compared to Pure Poison, Jaïpur Bracelet is almost low-key.

Jaïpur Bracelet is the ultimate comfort scent, a real wristsniffer, an uncomplicated but well composed fragrance that brightens up the most gloomy day. As Jaïpur Braclet is not too sweet and with an excellent longevity, 24h+, it's perfect to wear in warm and sunny summerdays.

Rating: 4+

Notes: Basil, violet leaves, lemon verbena, bitter orange, petitgrain, hyacinth, lily-of-the-valley, carnation, iris, cypress, cashmeran

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