lördag 22 juni 2013

Fragrance(s) of the week (25) 2013 - Midsummer

Picture:Night on the Eve of Ivan Kupala
Painting by Henryk Siemiradzki (1892)
Wikimedia Commons
This week I been strolling in a the rosegarden testing Robert Piguets wonderful pinke rose, the new Rose Perfection  varied with Ramon Monegals intriguing and long lasting variation of the light rose, L'Eau de Rose. Serge Lutens metallic slight bloody but later in the drydown jammy rose La Fille de Berlin added some drama for a day.

On Midsummer Eve I forced myself to take a break in the roseparade, wearing something more non-descript floral/grassy/hayish to match this special day, my choice was the very versatile Jour d'Hermès. Smells very good but IMO with some longevity issus, it just last for 6-8h under out-of-doors conditions.

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