lördag 15 juni 2013

Fragrance(s) of the week (24) 2013

Picture: New Robert Piguets are tempting me
Photo: PR Robert Piguet (c) all rights reserved
In the middle of my "reviewing light and summery fragrances period" I drooling over these interesting (to say at least) new Robert Piguets. I'm so curious, and soon I'll also be able to sample two of them: A perfect bright rose, Rose Perfection (even if the line already has the IMO perfect bright rose blended with powdery orris, Calypso) and a floral chypre (I love chypres) Alameda. Hopefully I also get the opportunity to test the leather Knightsbridge later on but now I'm so thrilled to dive in these two beauties, which I already know they are in advance. After all they are Piguets and this genuine house has proven to be the most versatile for me beside Guerlain and Chanel which is a great achievement as the two latter are giants with houndreds of perfumes in their lines compared to this little quality house.

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