lördag 19 januari 2013

Fragrance(s) of the week (3) 2013

Photo: Mr Parfumista (c)
This week I had new experiences with two fragrances which until now have been a bit hard for me:

* Old Mitsi - Mitsouko. It seems as after almost ten years of experimenting I finally found the right dosage and right climat conditions etc as Mitsi now seems to fit quite well. Or at least I imagine so, as every true parfumista of course want this classic to fit. As I lunched with Fragrantfanatic that day, I got a professional opinion; the peaches over the moss was the main impression and that Mitsi smelled good.

* Today  (snowy as usual, - 20 C  :-) I percieved Douglas Hannant by Robert Piguet in a quite different way than when worn in the spring and summer. In the warmer months the pearnote takes the centerstage and DH becames fruity-floral in apperance with a touch of detergent. Today it performs as a bright, clearly tubereusedominated, white floral with just a light supporting pearnote and no laundry vibes. Delicious!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Yes, you definately rock Mitsi :D I have to experiment a bit more to see what it can do for me!

    And thanks again for the Poudre de Riz, as you say in your review, very much vintage feeling. A tight composition that at first seems simple but then just keeps on twisting and turning, showing new facets all the time, in it's own, very soft-spoken, manner.

  2. Thank you again :-)Mitsi is a though one,some weeks ago I smelled (not tested) the current EDT-version and surprisingly, after all I have read about reformulations and that the EDT is most damaged, it smelled very good, less "old,dark, flowery" than my EDP

    Poudre the Riz is so good.it's like powdery tobacconotes with some supporting, "tamed" tropical flowers wispering in the background. The Riz is really like skincolor as you describe in your post today

  3. I tried Mitsouko on multiple occasions (and in different versions) - and still, at best, I get "maybe" (as in "maybe, if it was the last perfume on a deserted island..." ;) )

  4. Mitsi is one of the thoughest frags out there, appearing different each wearing, I think (or imagne) at least. Mr Parfumistas comment is always the same: "Old ladies scent" :-)