måndag 14 januari 2013

By Kilian - In the City of Sin

Picture: Still Life With Compotier, 
Painting by Paul Cezanne (ca 1879-1882)
Collection Mr. and Mrs. Rene Lecomte, Paris
Wikimedia commons

Sorry, but I get no sinful associations at all from this fleeting Calice Becker creation In the City of Sin. In the City of Sin is one of three initial offerings from the new ByKilian sub-line In the Garden of Good and Evil from handsome Hennessy heir, Kilian Hennessy. In the City of Sin is said to be "The temptation which leads to carnal desire".

In the City of Sin starts with a sparkling clean bergamot-cardamom dominated accord. Then some natural smelling fruity nots follows, there are no harsh chemical notes, instead the fruity notes are round, soft, fresh and perfectly ripe. The fruits reminds me of a tamer version of the fruity notes of Bombay Bling from Neela Vermeire creations.  The fruity notes are supported by a bright, pink rose and tha blend is grounded in a rather cold woody cedar-patchouli base.

As hinted above, instead of sinful, In the City of Sin is a quite innocent, very officefriendly scent that could be worn daytime year around but preferably during spring, summer and the early autumn. Nice and friendly but to be honest, nothing special when taking into account that In the City of Sin is created by the flower-champion Calice Becker. I have to admit that I like the two of many perfumistas critizised offerings of the Asian Tales line (Water Calligraphy and Bamboo Harmony) much better than this mediocre composition.

The question what is happening with the ByKilian brand is justified when smelling this fleeting (probably already fully IFRA-compliant) fragrance. Earlier there was body and strength in the By Kilians. The Arabian Nights collection is great as also many of the fragrances of the initial L'oeuvre Noire line.

Rating: 3

Notes: Bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom, apricot, plum, turkish rose, incense, atlas cedar, patchouli

4 kommentarer:

  1. It's amusing how different we smell some perfumes. In the City of Sin is my favorit of the trio and I'm contemplating a bottle purchase.

  2. It is indeed interesting how different we smell. All the scents in this trio is so fleeting, without no body to my nose. But as I wrote somewhere, my 3 rated fragrance could be your 5. All frags in the range 3-5 I think are good fragrances, their final rating depends on how I percieve a certain fragrance from different criterias as quality, how it suits me, longevity, construction .

  3. Hello Parfumista.
    I agree with you - that trio is very disappointing, and nothing in them spells "sinful" or naughty at all to me. The other two are even more dismal, IMHO, almost leaning towards generic, watery and utterly forgettable fruity florals that cost $20 from any department store chain. Bittersweet findings. However, on a side note, those bottles are gorgeous.

  4. Hi,I think when buying those beautiful bottles with the clutches, the customer first of all buyning the feeling of luxury. A safe luxury as the perfume is just nice and inoffensive and doesn't challenge at all