onsdag 17 oktober 2012

Robert Piguet – The house and perfumes

Picture: Nouvelle Collection by Robert Piguet
Photo: Perfumes Robert Piguet (c), all rights reserved

As a long time admier and wearer of Fracas, which is as close to a signature flower scent as I can come, I’m very fond of the house of Robert Piguet with it’s classy fragrances featured in equally sleek, elegant black bottles. To make a long story short, the perfumes was a part of the fashionhouse Robert Piguet with the legendary Bandit and Fracas created by the legandary, one of the first famous female perfumers, Germaine Cellier in the 1940s as also Visa (together with Jean Carles) and Baghari 1950. As the fashion house had to close down in 1951 the perfume brand continued but with changed ownership over the years. In the late 1950s and during the 1960s Calypso, Cravache and Futur were launched. In the late 1990s the perfumes Robert Piguet was acquired by the current owner, Fashion Fragrances & Cosmetics, and the ardous work to restore the Robert Piguet perfumes to it’s former glory began. Judging from the impressions of my nose the strategy of Robert Piguet CEO Joe Garces is utterly successful: First the skillful reinterpretations/recreations of Baghari,Visa, Cravache, Futur and Calypso, where the fragrances are reinterpreted by the house perfumer Aurelian Guichard with respect to the intentions of the originals. I have tested all of them expect the masculine Cravache and I like them all very much, especially Calypso (loveJ) and Baghari. Last year, Perfumes Robert Piguet introduced its first fragrance which is not based on the classics, Douglas Hannant. This contemporary, gardenia, pear, Fracas light inspiered fragrance, was made in collaboration with American haute couture designer Douglas Hannant to create a signature fragrance for the fashionhouse. This year the house of Piguet has continiued to release new fragrances in the expressive, multifacetted, elegant, classical style of the house. The Nouvelle Collection which I have the pleasure to test and review with start on Friday (continued with coming entries during the autumn/winter) have some fragrances inspired of the perfumes of the Middle East. There is also a collection geared to the Asian market, The Pacific Collection being launched in these days. Also an easier to wear Fracas Petit Fracas will be launched  2012.

The perfumehouse Robert Piguet finally seeems to have reached the safe harbor that these beautiful perfumes, the style and the creative spirit of this classical house really deserves.     

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