torsdag 27 september 2012

Maria Candida Gentile - Hanbury

Picture: Giardini Botanici Hanbury - pavilion.
Photo by Daderot, (cc) Wikimedia Commons, some rights reserved.

This weeks jurney to beautiful Italians Villa-gardens continuies also today. Villa Hanbury is a north italian Villa by the sea with a beautiful garden founded 1867 by the Hanbury family who runned the gardens for many decades but was passed to the University of Genova about thirty years ago. Among the flowers cultivated in the botanic garden, the golden mimosa is a speciality of the Hanbury garden and the flowers are also used to produce essence of mimosa. Mimosa of different types are present in some classical or familiar perfumes as Carons Farnesia, Annick Goutal Le Mimosa (in swedish) and Edition de Parfums Frederic Malle Une Fleur de Cassie. Mimosa is also the protagonist in Maria Candida Gentiles golden nectar Hanbury, a just beautiful fragrance that, just as intended, immediately transports me to a mediterrian garden in bloom.

Hanbury starts with a golden blast that I precive as produced by medium yellow flowers even if some withe especially the orangeblossom, also have prominent roles. On my skin a delicious orangeblossom is the most prominent note. There is also a winterblowing flower, Calycanthus praecox, in the fragrance, winterblooming flowers is unusual even in northen Italy. I don't know how it smells but I suspect it's one of the very nice notes that radiates from my skin wearing Hanbury. The florals are velvety in its structure and give me the impression of beeing soaked in honey and resting over a slight dry resiny base. Hanbury is a smooth and somehow full perfume and it has a beautiful depth. As the rest of the Maria Candida Gentile line, there a high precentage of naturals in the blend, something that is particulary evident in Hanbury, the flowery impression is very authentic. Compared to another delicious orangeblossom in a similar style, Sweet Redemption (summary in english) by ByKilian, Hanbury is more clean and flowery and SR more of a liquary and sweeter orangeblossom.

Hanbury is a beautiful, wellcrafted and casual- elegant fragrance that could be worn year around but blooms beautiful in warm weather. It's very feminine in style and wraps the wearer in comfort and pleasure. Sillage is close to the skin and longevity is medium almost for a day.

Rating: 4

Notes: Lime, bitter orange, orange, mimosa, white honey,calycanthus, musk, benzoin

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