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Scented thoughts – June 2012

Scented thoughts – June 2012

The summer weather this June has been very unstable with lots of rain and some (one or two) days as cold as + 4- 5 C during the day. Not so inspiring when it comes to using typical light summerfrags even if I appreciate big florals for the moment. And as always there is lot of scented thoughts as:

-         Gardenia seems to be the note de jour. Serge Lutens will launch a gardeniadominated perfume Voix de Noire inspired of Billie Holiday in the exclusive line. I’m already anticipating a blind buy in early autumn. Read more at Perfume Shrine .
-         From Andy Tauers blog , it  seems as he is started the work on a gardenia and I’m sure will be something special.
-         Seems as I have to dig out my Isabey Gardenia sample in the near future, I really appreciate its velvety, subdued, white floral elegance.
-         Thinking of gardenia and white flowers: The other day on the fly I tested Madonnas tuberose Truth or Dare, one spritz on skin and as I wore CdG Avignon that day it was a big contrast. My son commented when I picked him up from school that I was smelling pink and pink is exactly the colour I perceive when smelling ToD and a velvety texture. To me ToD is reminiscent of a medium powdery pink luxuary slik velvet.
-         Gardenia is of course also an important note in ToD, as in many tuberoseperfumes. ToD is, as mentiond many times in many blogs, not groundbreaking but it’s a well blended sweet tuby. The slight gourmand touch reminds me of something in Parfumerie Générales lovely Tubereuse Coture.
-         Indirectly Madonna with this release supports and educate in “good” perfumeculture. Launching a wellbalanced, classical blend with a modern twist, following in the steps of Piguets Fracas to a wide audience to a reasonable price is just great. As an almost collector of tubys, I will go for a 30 ml.
-         In the latest months I have sufferd from a sort of perfumerelated stress. I’ve have been in the state of constant hunting for new impressions, acquiring samples and some bottles too, constantly sniffing and evaluating. In the same time I have tried to going through my perfumewardrobe to find fumes to sell to avoid the collection to grow uncontrolled. This situation causes that I don’t live with and appreciate the frags that I already have.
-         To calm down I ‘ve decided, or to be more precise Mr Parfumista influenced me, to use and evaluate the stuff I alredy have to a much greater extent than I try and evaluate new samples.This year the circumstances have been in the total opposite.
-         This week I therefore have used some neglected, beauties, most of them more or less big florals. More about this in the next post.

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  1. I'm very excited about how Gardenia seems to be the new "in" note. Recently I scented my phone with Estee Lauders Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia (I was on my way to a wine tasting when I found it at Åhlens so I couldn't try it on my skin). The top notes were scary (skrikig tuschpenna) but within a day or so the scent was absolutely gorgeous!

  2. As an old tuberose/gardenia AND EL admier PCTG is not surprising a favourite of mine. Blooms beautiful on skin in warm/humid weather.

  3. I tried Truth or Dare the other day and I actually liked it all the way to the dry-down when it turned too synthetically musky for me. But on the whole, a rather good one.
    Then again, I'm always up for some white flowers. :)

  4. Ines, I'm also always up for white flowers. ToD I think will be nice to wear for days when I just want to smell uncomplicated good without any requirements to analyze what I'm wearing :-)