torsdag 7 juni 2012

Phaedon – Coton Egyptien

Coton Egyptien from the Pierre Guillaume associated line Phaedon is (probably) also created by Pierre. CE is, like Verveine Figuier reviewed earlier this week, compared to the fragrances in the general Parfumerie Générale-line, a lighter and “easier to wear” fragrance.

Coton Egyptien starts with a somehow soft blast of galbanum, often galbanum is strong, sharp and dominating, but not in CE. Soon a papery, vanillic note appears and mingles with the green during the well balanced dry down. The base is slight dry woody, grounded in a white musk.

In style CE reminds me of some Patricia de Nicolaï creations, especially her geraniumdominated L’Eau Chic. Coton Egyptien is the galbanumversion of L’Eau Chic but also infused with some of the papery, chalky vanillic note from Vanille Tonka.

Coton Egyptien is a soothing scent for the summer and with it’s similarities to the Nicolaïs of course also a more elegant and refined alternative to the mainstream acqua-citrus-musky freshness. There is a clean but absolutely not laudery feeling of CE. Perfect for casual and the office. Longevity is not so good, CE demands a heavy application.

Rating: 3+

Update July 2013: This summer I've come to really appreciate this fine, wearable, casual chic fragrance which unfortunately seems to be discontinued in the rebottled Phaedon-line.

Rating 2013: 4+

Notes: Galbanum, iris, jasmine, lily of the valley, lily, orange blossom, musk, cedar.

Thanks to PG for providing the sample to test.

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