lördag 26 maj 2012

The Royal Baptism

Picture: The Crown Princess Couple and H.R.H. Princess Estelle with godmothers and godfathers
Photo: Bruno Ehrs, Copyright Kungahuset.se

(The handsome guy to  the left is H.R.H Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, chosen as the most beautiful male  royal person of all times by a major American magazine, don't remember which one)

As reported in February, our lovely Crownprincess couple, H.R.H Crownprincess Victoria and her amazing husband H.R.H Prince Daniel, became parents to a little princess, Estelle, the  future Queen of Sweden. Estelle was baptised on Tuesday this week in the Chapel of the Royal Castle in Stockholm. The little one also was knighted as knight of the Serafimerorder, the most prominent swedish order, gifted with a cute mini-ribbon in the serafimer light blue. One of Princess Estelles godparents is the stylish Crownprincess Mary of Denmark, a very good choice when it comes to instill the little princess into the world of good style, note Marys artful hatlike creation . I remember some years ago,when Crownprincess Mary, in connection with the baptism of her own daughter, Princess Isabel, was wearing an ensamble created by the lituanian designer Josef Statkus. Coincidentally the Josef Statkus Eau de Parfum is one of my favourite incense perfumes.

Picture: Crownprincess Mary of Denmark with her daugther Princess Isabel,
 wearing a Josef Statkus creation. Source press image, don't know the photographer.

The perfume that I worn during the baptismday? A perfume that not fitting a day like this at all, because this week I have been in a patchouli mood and the SOTD was something as simple as Les Nereides Patchouli Antique, a robust, slight herbal patchouli.

To finalize this royal frenzy I will end this post with a more relaxed picture of the Hereditary Princess Estelle and her parents.

Picture: The Swedish Crown Princesscouple with H.R.H Princess Estelle
Photo: Kate Gabor, Copyright: Kungahuset.se

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