torsdag 17 maj 2012

Parfumerie Generale - Corps et Ames Eau de Toilette Apaisante

Picture: "Springtime" or "Woman Reading" (Camille Monet)
Claude Monet 1872, oil on canvas, Wikimedia Commons

Handsome Pierre Guillaume is a constant threat to my creditcard, it's hardly that I dare to test a new creation from him. The new (or more precisely revived) Corps et Ames Eau de Toilette Apaisante is an excellent example of such a threat from PG: Floral chypre, built upon one of my top favourite PG:s the bold, flowery, light leathery almost minty geranium green chypre Corps et Ames Edp created in 2006. CeA Edt is a lightened up and  brighter interpretation of the loverly CeA theme. In topnotes vebena leafs are dominating giving CeA Edt an almost tea-like impression (but without the harsh qualities of the teanote), There is also citrusy, minty green aspects and as CeA Edt dries down, the rosiness of geranium and a clean wellblended patchouli enters the stage. The darker and denser leathery, imortelle notes of the original is left out in the Edt version that makes the whole blend sparkling as Champagne as the old Edp-version could be compared to a good Chablis. In the basenotes there is some light woody notes and a bright musk that gives this lovely composition a great longevity, it last more than 24h on my skin.

There is similarities in CeA Edt:s style and mediated sensation as in the great Papyrus de Ciane also from PG. Both CeA Edp, CeA Edt and PdC is PG:s elegant, casualstyle frags as opposed to the gourmands that are typical to the PG brand. CeA Edt is perfect for daytime wear and it’s also officefriendly. There is some retro-vibes in the blend that makes me associate to the great 70th classic Eau de Rochas and also with the great green floral chypres of this era. With CeA Edt (and Edp) Pierre has proved there is still  possible to create a beautiful chypre or chypre-like creation despite of the IFRA restrictions.

The tweaking of the facets of an already introduced scent seems to be popular by now. When Pierre Guillaume highlights the lighter and brighter aspects of Corps et Ames, Daniela Andrier does the opposite when highlights the darker, smoother and denser aspects of Prada Infusion d’Iris Edp in the new Absolute version.

CeA Edt is particulary sutiable for spring and summer but would also be a nice reminder of the warmer months during the could season.

Rating: 5 (the same as CeA Edp)

Notes: Geranium leaves, verbena, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, musk

Thanks to Parfumerie Générale for providing the sample to test.

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