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Maria Candida Gentile – General impressions of the line

Maria Candida Gentile is an Italian perfumer educated in Grasse. After returning to Italy she has started her own perfumehouse that wears her name, Maria Candida Gentile. I think Maria could be proud of lending her name to these beautiful fragrances: This is amazing stuff, significantly different from the usual niche offerings.A “niche-in-niche” line.

The Maria Candida Gentile fragrances are timless in character and they are transporting me to Italy, uncertain what century. The fragrances are what I will percived as very genuine and somehow “rough”, but harmonious, down to earth, they are combining the traditional Italian style*) in a sort of contemporary frame. The MCG line equivalent in french perfumery is the also down to earth, not so polished compared to the french style, Les Nereides even if MCG is more complex, denser and of a higher quality. MCG mixing the high quality ingredienses, the perfumes contains a high precentage of naturals, in a very interesting and suggestive way. These fragrances involve the wearers imagination from the very beginning to the the very end, more than 24 hours later.The MCG fragrances are not easy-going, cosy-comfort scents, they are like living creatures, demanding attention from its wearer. There is something going on the whole time (which on the other hand makes them difficult to review). But all this is exactly what I’m appreciating from a perfume, almost always anyway, sometimes of course I need something nice, polite and easy going.

In the coming entries (starts tomorrow)  I will try to summeraize the spirit of some of the gorgeous MCG:s.

*)In general I percive the italian perfumery as bolder, denser, more adventurous and free in mind and creation than the more contolled, perfected and elegant french perfumery. MCG is an excellent representative of the italian style taken to perfection. The MCG frags are no doubt rare and great artpieces of perfumery.

The MCG fragrances could be bought in 15 ml travelsprays for 25 EUR from her website http://www.mariacandidagentile.com/ . The perfumes are concentrated, a few spritzes goes a long way, this is great value for the money. The frags are also avaible in 100 ml from Aus Libe zum Duft.

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