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Top winterfragrances 2012

Photo: Mr Parfumista (c)

In the wake of the publication of the top-ten winterfragrances in all major perfumeblogs earlier this week: Here comes my humble list.

To get canditates to the list I just followed up the most used perfumes from Januari 1 until February 17. As I only have been using samples until now this year (and will for the rest of this month), the selection has been a bit limited.

Passage d'Enfer (L'Artisan Parfumeur): This lovely airy incense-lily has a relaxing effect to me. Need that in the job-overload that has been the normal state the latest months.

Baiser Volé (Cartier): My new lily favorite, crispy-clean-soft. Delightful.

Jardin Blanc (MPG): A heady white floral bouquet with hints of dirtiness lurking in the base.

Antonia (Puredistance): Flowery, green, lush, ultra-elegant bouquet. Stunning beautiful.

Kiki Edp (Vero Profumo): This "Angel Lavandula" is such a interesting blend with the odd combination of notes: Lavendel, passionflower and patchouli.

Soie Rouge (MPG): The best carnation to me so far. On the other hand, I'm no carnation lover, but this one is quite nice.

L'Eau Guerriere (PG): Bark from some exotic tree mixed with hints of green herbals and the cold leather of Helmut Langs Cuiron.

Amoureuse (DelRae Roth): Lovely, dark, dirty, deep, floral accompanied with cardamom.

Rossy de Palma Eau de Protection (ELd'O): Soapy red rosewater with peppery notes and traces of patchoulli.

Mon Parfum Cheri, par Camille Edt (Annick Goutal): This dark, dusty, plummy patch is both a distinct and elegant fragrance. A real gem.

An intresting observation is that there is no obvious oriental listed. And that inspite of the fact that there has been cold wintertempratures during almost the whole observation period. This oriental-phenomena I have experienced some winters ago. Am I not an oriental person at heart? (Shudder), even if I love many orientals I sometimes find it difficult to start wearing them, have somehow to get into the "orienal-theme-mood" before I can fully appreciate them.

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