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Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or - Ambre, Cuir and Musc - update December 2011

Picture: Novemberrose (end of November 2011)
Photo: Mr Parfumista (c)

Further thoughts regarding the first three Les Nombres d'Or fragrances after additional testings.

Ambre: Update 12/16/2011:  My latest wearings of Ambre has deepen my affection for it. For my first testings in fall/winter 2010 I used a small spray-samplevial. But it seems that this airy, dry, gunpowdery, ambery beauty that gives me the image of a pale salmon pink cashmere jumper paired with a pearl necklace, have to be dabbed to obtain its full beauty. The large splash sample that I received earlier this fall from Monas businesspartner Jeroen Oude Sogtoen at Mona di Orio Parfums only allowed dabbing and that's obviously the key to the soul of Ambre.

Rating increased to 5.

Cuir: Update 12/15/2011: Cuir is the roughest leather I have tried, Kölnisch Juchte included. It is like a well worn, heavy, black leather jacket infused with the smell from the smoke of the campfire. The cardamonnote is present to me during the full dry down and in some strange way it (or something else) embeds the smoky-leathery aromas in slight soapy texture which mediates the feeling of tarsoap. Even if I really enjoy Cuir I think it is more of a masculine type of leather, a departure from the usually so über-Femme fragrances of Mona. But Cuir definitly has it place in this household, it's a ideal fragrance for Mr Parfumista.

Rating still 5.

Musc: Update 12/17/2011: Today my impression of Musc is more soapy (which I love) than during my earlier testings. Before I found it more powdery but compared to the dry Ambre, Musc appears soapy. The impression of a soft pale, pink rose interacting with soapy neroli resting on a bed of warm heliotrophe and powdery tonka consists. Just as Ambre, Musc is a fragrance that perfectly fits when wearing soft chasmere in a pale pastel colour. But as Ambre is the more sensual thight fitting cashmerejumper, Musc is the proper and decent twinset.

Rating still 5.

To sum up: Excellent, retrostyled perfumes that makes the wearer dream. No doubt that Mona has more than fullfilled that intention with her beautiful creations.

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