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Best of 2011

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Can't belive 2011 is almost over and it's once again time for the "Best of the year" list. By that I mean the best releases of the year, perfumes that I discovered this year but was launched earlier therefore not qualify.

To me 2011 was a quite good perfumeyear with several great releases from perfumehouses in both the niche- and designerfragrance categories. Of course I have only tested a small part of the thousends of releases on the market, but from what I have tested, here are my favourites of 2011:

There are two fragrances that shares the first place:

De Profundis (Serge Lutens): I instantly fell in love with this purple, green, serious creation with it's notes of wilting lilys and chrysantemum, lightened up by some inscense. To  my nose a very special creation that stands out from the crowd. See my review here (in swedish).

Les Nombres d'Or Oud (Mona di Orio): My other number one was on the contrary not instant love. Used to the strong Montale ouds I underapplied this the first times, but when I splashed some more on the miracle occurred: This multifaceted, woody, soft flowery, quality creation creates a peaceful aura around the lucky wearer. A perfume to relax and to dream with. Just as Mona di Orio wanted with her beautiful compositions. See my review here.

Other favorites:

Jeux de Peau (Serge Lutens): This bred and butter over a sandalwood base (like Santal Blanc) I fell for immediately. This one makes me hungry.

Week-End à Deauville (Parfums de Nicolaï): Sunny and bright lily of the vally shines in contrast to a dark green and mossy background. Retro, casual, chic in a nutshell. See my review here (in swedish).

Body (Burberry): This bold, creamy, rosy, flowery, early nineties-like creation is a true and lovely comfortscent. Perfect for grey and gloomy days. See my review here (in swedish).

Chanel no 19 Poudre: I think this is a beautiful, flowery iris on a jasmine and light orangeflower background grounded by a beautiful, light, musc that together with the iris blooms on my skin more then twelve hours after application. Can't understand different perfumesnobbish comments about Poudre as a inferior creation that collapses after the topnotes dried down. See my review here (in swedish).

Mon Parfum Cheri, par Camille (Annick Goutal): Just loooove this, dark, retro, dusty, murky, earthy, plum-patch perfume. Smells somehow of old books in a long forgotten library mixed with lipstick and powder.. See my review here (in swedish).

Azemour Les Orangers (Parfum d'Empires): Orange, green and mossy notes, Azemour shows that it is still possible to create fragrances in the vein of the citrus-chypre classics of the seventies. Just great. See my review here.

Les Nombres d'Or Vétyver (Mona di Orio): Another beautiful green but here vetiver accentuated by ginger. Like Azemour above, Vétyver gives me the impression of the green fragrances of the seventies and just as Azemour, but in a different way, Vétyver reminds me of a less soapier Eau de Rochas.

Also to be mentioned 2011: L'Esprit d'Oscar (Oscar de la Renta),  Cuir Fetiche (Maître Parfumeur et Gantier), Chambre Noir (Olfactive Studio), Shalimar Initial (Guerlain), Candy (Prada), Myrrhiad (Huitieme Art).

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