måndag 24 oktober 2011

Huitième Art - Aube Pashmina

Picture: A scanned red tomato, along with leaves and flowers
Photo by david Besa, (cc) Wikimedia Commons, some rights reserved

Aube Pashmina is created by Pierre Guillaume for his "few-notes-line" Huitième Art. Aube Pashmina is  somewhat unusual, the scent is soft and soapy despite green and herbal elements. Green and herbal notes  often have at touch of bitterness but here the green blend is soapy with some light traces of a clean floralness. Aube Pashmina starts with green notes like tomatoleaves, basil and rosemary. The supporting woody notes is light, as I image birch wood. Aube Pashmina is quite linear and the fragrance evokes the feeling of fresh greenery and the clean, high air after a rainstorm in the countryside. Fresh without the syntetic feeling.

Aube Pashmina reminds me of a green and herbal variation of Pierre Balmains Ivorie and Serge Lutens Bas de Soie. All three fragrances have a similar texture and make a similar statement. The herbal green aura  reminds me of Un Parfum de Charmes & Feuilles, which is crispy and not as soft and soapy as Aube Pashmina. Mr Parfumista also recognize traces of Xeyrus from Givenchy in the opening of Aube Pashmina. The fragrance is somehow in the same vein as Serge Lutens L'Eau and Maison Francis Kurkdjians Pour le Matin Absolute but those have a syntetical, laudery feeling. Aube Pashmina feels more natural and I prefer it to the other two.

Aube Pashmina suits daytime both for office and casual. It's a scent that can't offend anyone. A versatile perfume with medium projektion and longivity. I reveived a sample from Fragrance & Art .

Rating: 4

Notes: Basil, rosemary, tomatoleaves, cassis, woody notes

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