lördag 5 januari 2019

Side by side test of....

....some Coco variations. I wanted to compare Coco Mad EDT with Coco Mad EDP and Coco Mad Intense EDP. As I had a fourth spot free, I also spritzed Coco Noir EDP even if that one probably should be compared with the original Coco's, especially the ETP.

Picture: Coco Mademoiselle EDT
Photo: PR Chanel (c)
Coco Mademoiselle EDT: Sort of pink fluffy, girly Coco Mad variation. It's like fluffy cotton on the plant growing on the cottonfield with the smell of dry soil a sunny summerday. This outdoor accord is also combined with a touch of what I imagine as fresh picked strawberries on a straw.

Picture: Coco Mademoiselle EDP
Photo: PR Chanel (c)
Coco Mademoiselle EDP: This is the ladylike Coco Mad variation. Flowers over a tangy, slight fruity accord, some green cold steems like the stems of bulbflowers. This chic and chilly bouquet is anchored in the patchoulibased Noveau Chypre accord, where the patchouli is just a part of the mix, it doesn't stand out as a dominant note. It's still daytime and sun with the EDP but colder outside, like spring or early fall.

Picture: Coco Mademoiselle Intense EDP
Photo: PR Chanel (c)

Coco Mademoiselle Intense EDP: In the dark Intense version an elegant velvet patchouli wrapped in some restrained amber is the protagonist. The flowers are not recognizable as an own accord, they are blended with the dark notes, creating a glimmering edge which comes up to the surface now and then. An comfortable and elegant perfume for evening or cold days in fall or Winter. Not as ladylike as the EDP, this is more the boho chic style. Reminds me in style of Prada Amber.

Picture: Coco Noir EDP
Photo: PR Chanel (c)

Coco Noir EDP: When compared directly to the Coco Mad there is obvious that Coco Noir has it's background in another branch of the Coco family tree. Elegant, light spicy with a distinct retro smell, the opening reminds me of a classic parfume which I could not place right now. I come to think of a resting in a backyard  garden in the shadows of the medival walls of an Mediterranean  ancient town a hot summerday. Noir is for the effortless, stylish globetrotter.

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