måndag 22 januari 2018

A sunny winterwalk

Picture: Sunny fields
Photo: Parfumista (c)
Finally, winter has arrived with some snow and pleasing tempratures, some degrees below 0 C and this weekend the sun also was shining. Perfect for a walk aroumd the small lake nearby. Even if sunny and I took the walk in the middle of the day, some mysterious haze was hanging over the fields and the lake.

Picture: Colder in the wood in the
side of the small lake
Photo: Parfumista (c)
These conditions are the very best for wearing perfume imo, the grand orientals and voluminous  flowers comes to their right when contrasted with the cold. During the walk I come to think of some of my choices during last week, for example Guerlain Shalimar Edp and L'Artisan L'Eau d'Ambre Extreme both warm and comforting orientals suitable for the winter.

Picture: Soon the elves will start to dance ...
Photo: Parfumista (c)
The mystic haze reminded me of elves and of Carner Barcelona Rima XI which is a perfume that I associate with elves.

Picture: Sun and haze over the small lake.
Photo: Parfumista (c)
When walkning on the sunny side of the lake, with the sun glittering over the snow, I instantly come to think of the powdery, soapy icon Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige which is also a fragrance that demands lower tempratures to come to its right. And a big white flower as for example  Estee Lauder Private Collection Tubereuse Gardenia would be great in the sun.

Picture: Ice skaters
Photo: Parfumista (c)
Finally, the ice skaters made me think of drinking hot chocolate when taking a break and of Mancera Roses & Chocolate. One know that one is a fragrance nerd when so many fragrance associations pops up during a regular walk

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