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Jehanne Rigaud - Vanille Blonde

Picture: Milou, here in Tintin au Congo,
a main character in Hergé:s (George Remi)
"Les aventures de Tintin"
Borrowed from Tintinmilou 
Vanille Blonde is the fourth fragrance I've tested from french perfumehouse Jehanne Rigaud. The fragrances from the house are priceworthy, there are other nichehouses with similar quality of their output which charge significantly more.

Vanille Blonde starts gourmand vanillic as a fresh, warm, just from the owen, soft vanilla cake. It's not the boozy type nor the woody type of vanilla, it's just perfectly gourmand and reminds me in its first accords of Annick Goutal Les Absolus Vanillle Charnelle but soon becomes denser and sweeter than the former which is light, fluffy and airy. Vanille Blonde is quite linear but deepens and becomes a bit darker in the basenotes. The musky note in the base is the same as in the other Jehanne Rigauds. It higlights the other notes in the same time as it adds a vintagestyled, on the verge to dirty, musky character to the fragrance. The vanilla in the later stages are like caramel and has left the cake impression from the topnotes. In the middle- and basenotes Vanille Blonde reminds me of Molinard Vanille (old version in the blue bottle).
Picture: Vanille Blonde
Photo: PR Jehanne Rigaud (c)
Vanille Blonde is a good, a bit rough, basic vanilla which I can imagine it's good to layer dry and heavy woody scents with. Not a complex or particularly intriguing fragrance but cosy and easy to wear especially during cold winter days and evenings. Unisex with a close sillage and a longevity for more than a day.

When it comes to the Tintin characters which I have combined to the Jehanne Rigaud fragrances, Vanille Blonde of course is the constant companion to Tintin; the quick, clever and brave foxterrier Milou, though but sweet.

Rating: 3

Notes: Vanilla, sugar, star anise, benzoin, musk

Thanks to Fragrance & Art for the sample to test

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