måndag 27 juli 2015

1000 Jubilée

Picture: Avaible on the net, source in this case
Australian Perfume Junkies
Today I noticed that I just posted my 1000nd entry (the Rose Privee one) on this site, the entries from the almost three years on the fashionmagazine "Damernas Värld" (The Ladies World) are than not included. Many thanks to the readers over the years ! I assume the mix of readers are quite different now than in the earlier years. I think there are more people from the "perfumenerd category" reading today (as I'm Writing in english and reach out worldwide) and less from the broder "interested in beauty and fashion category" from the early years when written in swedish. But I could have completely wrong. Many thanks also to you who provides me with the samplevials of perfume which are the  basic commodites to run this place.

The speed was faster in earlier days with shorter entries which is rather good.per se. The more I get into perfume, the more impressions and connections to other earlier tested fragrances  I find out for the new ones I try. And the result is that each post get more extensive and there is less entries posted as a total. Also  the time that I can spare for this hobby has unfortunately decreased. In the "blog-library" I also see 333 old, unpublished entries, many of them are from my earliest blog "Parfumistans Blog" (The Perfumista diary) written in swedish and imported to this site from the first place where the blog was suitiated, on the newspaper Expressen. Expressen was early in Sweden to offer space for bloggers on their site. Other of the unpublished stuff is pre-written perfumereviews, most of them also in swedish and some in english. My intention is to publish at least  the english written entries from time to time between all the new stuff I review. And of course waitng for the great idea how to redefine the blog. In the meantime, there is business as usual.

PS: Celebrating the 1000nd by sampling the lovely floral, spicy, fruity, airy Pichola from one of my favorite houses, Neela Vermeire Créations. Review will follow later on of this beautiful huge white-flowery perfume.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Congratulations! What an impressive number! Many inspirations to you for the next 1000 ;)

  2. Thank you very much Undina! And you must be well on the way also :-) http://undina.com/

  3. Gratulerar! Verkligen imponerande. Jag följer dig gärna även framöver.

  4. Tack för det Lotta, trevligt att du uppskattar skriverierna :-)

  5. A belated "Congratulations!" to you, Margareta.

    1,000 posts!!! I can't even imagine. You're very dedicated, and I hope you did something great to celebrate this accomplishment.

  6. Thank you very much S ! Sometimes maybe too dedicated, for celebration I broke another untested sample and went on analyzing and evaluating ..:-)