måndag 23 februari 2015

Maison Nicolas de Barry - Eau de Vizir

Picture: Die Kinder des Vicomte d'Andrezel,
 französischer Botschafter an der Hohen Pforte,
werden dem Großwesir Ibrahim Pasha vorgestellt, 10. Oktober 1724
Oil on canvas by Jean Baptiste Vanmour (1671-1737)
Wikimedia commons
Eau de Vizir is a masculine, very original creation from the house Nicolas de Barry who has composed the fragrance, maybe in collaboration with Eddy Blanchet as some of the other fragrances.

Eau de Vizir starts with an aromatic, citric-herbal blast, it's strong and cold in apperance. Early a very sort of clean, dry, smoky vetivernote appears and it is present in full or as whispers during the rest of the fragrance. As it continues, herbs, especially basil, green notes and fresh bitter notes appears, the fennel is sort of natural fresh and uplifting. In texture and impression Eau de Vizir is cold as original Marni, but without the rosy elements. There is also a slight mentholic touch in some stages and somehow By Kilian Smoke for the Soul comes to my mind as also the classic Azzaro Acteur with its moisty forest floor accords. The aromatic-herbal accords are founded in a musky, woody accord in which the smoky vetiver also are clearly present, a base which emphasizes the fresh coolness of the scent.
Picture: Eau de Vizir
Photo: PR Maison Nicolas de Barry (c)
Eau de Vizir is a good fragrance for regular daytime wearing. It's definitly masculine, suitable year around and would be perfect in early spring with the slight chilly air and wet soil. The longevity is very good, a little goes for about a day. Maybe Eau de Vizir is another addition to the reported upcoming, mostly non-sweet, woody-tarry-aromatic trend.

Rating: 3

Notes: Lemon, bergamot, orange, basil, vetiver, fennel, sandalwood, musk

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hello Magareta! I have to say that I'm usually not a fan of this kind of scent, but then I noticed you mentioned that the fennel is detectable, and I really love that note (love it food-wise, too). Plus basil ... that sounds like a good pairing too, and I can kind of see the menthol effect you talk about emanating from both basil and fennel.

    But I'm curious: you only gave it a 3 rating. Is that because it is otherwise just a classic cologne without much inventiveness? (I say "classic cologne," judging by the notes, not having smelled it.)

  2. That's right, EdV is a classic cologne, nothing new in structure even if good and interesting herbal ingredients. It's also too masculine to me and I havn't enough in the samplevial to perform a proper test on Mr Parfumista which probably would give it a fair trial. And rating 3 is a good fragrance even if it doesn't "wow" me personally it has the potential to captive others as it's basiclly a good composition.