måndag 27 oktober 2014

Maria Candida Gentile - Noir Tropical

Picture: Noir Tropical
Photo: PR Maria Candida Gentile (c)
Noir Tropical is a vanilla, silght gourmandy fragrance from  italian perfumer Maria Candida Gentile whos fragrances, I appreciate very much. See reviews and other posts tagged MCG.

Starts with an vanillic accord which is almost chocolaty in the first stages. This part reminds me of old Trussardi Python but a smoother and gentler interpretation. The chocolade vanish after a while and a woody, slight rummy vanilla takes the centerplace. In this stage Noir Tropical reminds me of a mixture of Boucheron Trouble, the characteristic dry woody vanillanote, similar to the smell of old books, and the rummy vanilla of L'Artisan Parfumeur Havana Vanille/Vanille Absolument. After that there is not much more happening, Noir Tropical is a cozy plain vanilla, nothing original or challenging which is a bit disappointing as some of MCG:s first fragrances Sideris, Cinabre and Exultat are exactly just that. The longevity is for at least a day, the sillage is close and Noir Tropical is a perfect, not offending, perfume for the workplace. But as said above, no sensations. The name Noir Tropical to me recalls the image (or smell) of a dense night blooming, dark perfume, something with heavy flowers and vanilla and compared to that, Noir Tropical seems seems a bit lightweighted.

To summarize: A nice, and pleasant vanilla perfume which could be appreaciated by a much  wider audience than MCG:s earlist fragrances. A good sort of basic vanilla fragrance to consider I one needs a new one in this genre for the grey and cold months to come.

Rating: 3

Notes:  Bergamot, almond, vanilla, rum

Thanks to Fragrance & Art for the sample to try

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  1. So far I haven't tried any of Maria Candida Gentile's perfumes but I have a sample of this one coming my way soon so I'll try it keeping in mind that it doesn't completely represents the line.

  2. Yes keep in mind that some of the first ones are great: Cinabar and Sideris.