torsdag 28 augusti 2014

Favorite Orizas

Picture: The crest of Oriza L.Legrand
Photo: PR Oriza L.Legrand
As mentioned before, as I like retrostyled fragrances, the fragrances of Oriza L.Legrand are among my best findings during the latest years. The Oriza fragrances are all wellblended, of a good quality and which to prefer is not a matter of uneven quality among the fragrances, it's just ones personal preferences. My top three favorite Orizas (so far) are:

Oeillet Louis XV "The Oriza Carnation"; powdery, tart light caranation
Rêve d'Ossian "The Oriza Amber"; balsamic, tender, comforting
Horizon "The Oriza Patchouli"; very well rounded patch, one of the best patchoulis on the market

But I also would be pleased to wear:

Relique D'Amour "The incense Oriza"; incense in the colder, green pine-y, sub-family
Déjà le Printemps "The green Oriza"; crispy, springtime bulbflowers
Jardins D'Armide "The powdery Oriza"; an esteemed member of the elegant ladylike, aldehydic family

For Mr Parfumista

Chypre Mousse "The chypre/fourgé Oriza" The best Oriza so far, very original, no smell alikes (from what I have smelled) expect Kerosene Creature which has some similar notes, but not as balanced as in Chypre Mousse.
Vetiver Royal Bourbon "The vetiver Oriza" One of the very best vetivers on the market.

Chypre Mousse is the favorite of the very picky Mr Parfumista followed by Royal Vetiver Bourbon.
Looking forward to the coming recontructions/recreations from this quality house.

The Orizia L.Legrand fragrances are available at Fragrance & Art as also the Oriza L.Legrand  webshop.

måndag 25 augusti 2014

Serge Lutens - L'orpheline

Picture: L'orpheline
Photo: PR Serge Lutens

L'orpheline is the latest fragrance from Serge Lutens and it's a part of the square (spary) bottles line, sometimes also called the exportline. As the black label indicates, its a stronger concentration, and more expensive than the whitelabeled bottles. Perfumer is Christopher Sheldrake, the former inhouseperfumer of Serge Lutens, now also with Chanel. As with most of Lutens latest creations, there is a backstory to L'orpheline which has it's background in Lutens childhood, the relation to his mother and his analyze of his feelings of the time.

L'orpheline starts with an almost refreshing combination of aldehydes, a cold, woody,almost green incensenote similar to pine. After a while it becomes warmer and light woody, herbaceous and as the fragrance further dries down, a peppery twist of the incensenote similar to the one in Parfumerie Gènèrale L'Eau Guerrière, appears but only with a fraction of the strength of the latter. As the drydown goes furhter on, a comforting, slight soapy note appers, soften the incense without any sweetness. There is also traces of the chilly, fresh pinelike incensenote from the initial blast of L'orpheline, a note which is also present, but stronger, in Robert Piguet Oud and in Oriza L.Legrand Relique D'Amour. The dominating accord in the middle of the fragrance is this simple but beautiful combination of fresh incense and soapy aldehydes.

Reaching the base the special pleasant slight wet, powdery, putty and musky note appears which I like in creations as Chanel 1932 and several other good contemporary fragrances, here is the link to a special post about this basenote. In L'orpheline that special note is combined with incense and creates an alternately chilly and tepid impression. Overall, L'orpheline in its latest stage reminds me very much of Chanel 1932, without jasmine and with more incense. And probably is that not a coincidence taken Sheldrakes role in both houses into account.

L'orpheline is a subtle, lowkey skinscent with low silage. Longevity for a day but a bit weak in the latest stage. Office-appropriate but also casual mostly for intellectual leisures as visiting an art exhibition or a classic concert. L'orpheline is a fragrance for contemplating and situations that require some sort of tranquility. First it not seems very original as there are traces of other fragrances, but  when worn and properly evaluated, this is in my opinion a new way to treat incense, in a low key, comforting way. Anyway L'orpheline is intriguing (triggering the imagination) and pleasant to wear.

Update December 2014: Cold weather makes the best of L'orpheline, it's a awesome fragrance, easy to wear, intriguing, which means that you get compliments. One of the best releases of 2014.

Rating: 4 5 (December 2014)

Notes: Aldehydes, coumarin (fougere accord), woods, ambergris, patchouli, incense, chasmerean
(notelist from Perfumeshrine as Serge Lutens doesn't reveal the notes on the site)

måndag 18 augusti 2014

Carner Barcelona - El Born

Picture: Mercat del Born (Barcelona)
Photo: Maria Rosa Ferre (cc) ,
Wikipedia commons, some rights reserved
El Born is the latest addition in the Carner Barcelona line which is inspired  from different parts/aspects/moods and of course scents from Barcelona, both from the present and the past. El Born is inspired from the streetlife, scents and views of the old, touristcrowded El Born quarters, surrounding the market place.

El Born starts with slight citrusy and tart herbal notes contrasting to sweet, edible, pastry notes, the angelicanote is not as obvious as in Guarlain Angelique Noir it's a more of a light weight interpretation. After a while a delicious smell of a dry almondcake appears, it's not the liqueur-like amarettonote, this is the note of ground almonds for a cake. The fignote is not the lush fruity one of for example Diptyque Philosykos, the fig is more of the leaves and the tree, with something dry that reminds me of a smoother and lighter version of the fig-peppery combination of Neela Vermiere Creations Ashoka. In this stage, El Born as a whole, rests in a balsamic, light spicy comfort.

In the basenotes the balsamic-resin comfort still consists and a smooth, even if a bit peppery, sandalwood emerges. There is also an unexpected twist with an accord which smells slight liquirice/anice-like (even if not present as notes) and which add a contrasting chill in the warm balsamic base. This anicelike reminds me of a similar treatment of the note; it reminds me of the base of Atelier Cologne Mistral Patchouli but in the latter, the anice-like aspect is interacting with patchouli instead of balsam and soft woody/spicy notes. The longer El Born dries down, the more I smell the connection to Mistral Patchouli.

Picture: El Born
Photo: PR Carner Barcelona (c)
El Born is a very good representative of the comforting, contemporary, casual, chic style of  Carner Barcelona. To my nose El Born in style most resembles the light spicy, sort of café-atmospheric Rima XI. Just like these comforting scents, El Born is easy to like, smooth as cashmere, a true wrist sniffer with an almost calming influence on the wearer, at least if the wearer is me. The slilage is close, the longevity for over a day and its suitable both for casual (a perfect perfume for shopping, with a break at some fashionable café) and to comfort duirng a though day in the office. Even if the warm and comforting character makes it well suited for autumn and winter it also smelled great during the hot, humid summerdays when I tested El Born. To finsh the praise: The more I try El Born, the more I like it. It's not love at first sniff but this fragrance wins in the long run.

Other fragrances that reminds me od El Born in their style is The Different Company Oriental Lounge (swe) and Frederic Malle Dries van Noten but I percieve El Born as less sweet than the latter.

Rating: 5

Notes: Lemon, bergamot, angelica, honey; fig, heliotrope, benzoin, jasmine, vanilla, peru balsam, sandalwood, musk

måndag 11 augusti 2014

Top summerfragrances 2014

Picture: One of the Small Towers on Frederiksborg Castle, 
ca 1834-35
Painting by Christen Köbke (1810-1848)
Wikipedia commons
The summer up here in the North was cold from late May and whole June. In July thankfully the warmth appeared and is still present in August with an intensive heat, a very warm, humid weather around 30 degree Celsius. This reflects the list of what I've liked in particular this summer ie very different styles.

Un Bateau pour Capri (Eau d'Italie): This dark, purple, velvety, aldehydic, fruity, flowery creation blooms wonderful  in the ot humid weather. My top find from my sample testing for the blog this summer.

Montecristo (Masque): During the cold first part, the spicy, dirty, animalic Montecristo was a comforting and warming choice. A very big fragrance in the old YSL Opium style. Also tried it when it was quite warm, 20-25 degree Celsius, and its sillage was tremendous and I got positive reactions (belive it or not :-)

Rosamunda (Laboratorio Olfattive) and Rose Anonyme (Atelier Cologne): Both refreshing fragrances in the cool, pink rose-patchouli-oud genre. Very close to each other where Rosamunda is a tad sweeter in its earlier stages and Rose Anonyme a bit woodier. When they have dried down on their scentstrips, I can't tell them apart. Both these fragrances smells much better when worn in the fresh sea-air of the archipelago compared with when worn in the city. Both fragrances shows more notes and another dept by the sea.

Mistral Patchouli (Atelier Cologne): A lighter, daytime, casual, herbal version of the discontinued Dior Midnight Poison. Almost the same, stripped down, dark, patchoulinote as in Midnight Poison. Fresh in a pleasant, non-laudery way. The grapefruit-anice-patchouli is suprinsingly a very good match.

Philosykos (Diptyque): This creamy, woody, fig is so refreshing and easy to wear. Was my staple during a vacation on Ibiza in June. Philosykos is the mediterranean for me, especially Greece of course, but it mixed suberb with the dry, pine infused Ibizian air.

Ciel (Amouage). I like the old Amouages best, the newer are not as "grand". Even if good fragrances, the newwr seems a bit anxious and flattened, afraid not to please an extended audience compared to some years ago. Ciel is a symphony of watery, white flowers which projects beautiful in warm and sunny weather. Easy to wear, a happy and elegant fragrance

Eau de Cologne d'Orange Verte (Hermès): A summerwardrobe staple, the most versatile of them all. Also the current formula is very good, more emphasis on the oranges than in the old (even better) mossy grounded one.

Horizon (Oriza L.Legrand): I love patch in the summer, the earthy, herbal smell is cool and refreshing. Even if Horizon is a patchouli grounded in honey and amber it developes surprisingly well in hot temparature. A beautiful, natural smelling tobbacco note is particularly present in warm tempratures.

Relique D'Amour (Oriza L.Legrand): A cold, light flowery, pine incense which performs excellent in hot and humid weather. It's refreshing and not as dark, bold and dense as for example the incensestandard Comme des Gracons Avignon which is too much for me in the summer.

måndag 4 augusti 2014

Oriza L.Legrand -Vétiver Royal Bourbon

Picture: The great vetiver  Vétiver Royal Bourbon
Photo: PR Oriza L.Legrand (c) 
Vétiver Royal Bourbon is another sucessful reinterpretation/reconstruction of an old (1914) Oriza L.Legrand formula. As usual conducted by Oriza the co-owner, perfumer Hugo Lambert.

Vétiver Royal Bourbon starts with uplifting notes who complements the gingerfacet of vetiver and the impression is fizzy, sparkling almost gauzy. The imagined color is bright green. As Vétiver Royal Bourbon dries down, the darker, almost juicy-rooty-grassy aspects steps forward and the imagined color is medium green-grey in a velvet texture. A smooth, natural dry, spicyness also appears. When reaching the basenotes the multifacetted vetiverblend finds its stable foundation a slight smoky, boozy  base. Here an ambery brown has joined the imagined color of the fragrance.

Vétiver Royal Bourbon is an extraordinary vetiver. It's dense but not in a heavy or cloying way and it smells very natural as I imagine oils of the highest qualties of the vetiver grass are smelling. As mainingredient for the fragrance the finest and rarest vetiver from Réunion Island (Isle de Bourbon) also is used. Compared to the gold standard true vetiver "solivetiver" Les Nez Turtle Vetiver Excercise 1 by Isabelle Doyen, Vétiver Royal Bourbon is in the same leauge. Comparing the two, Vétiver Royal Bourbon is a more polite and civilized take on the natural smelleing vetiver,  comfortable chit-cating in the royal salons whereas Turtle is the the noble savage  the entering from the huge forest. Just as Turtle, Vétiver Royal Bourbon isn't as diluted as the bulk of vetiverfragrances avaible today, it feels like there are a higher concentration of the vetiveroil in both these excellent fragrances. Vétiver Royal Bourbon is a vetiver for lovers of the real thing, not the common, diluted versions of the note. A true gem.

Picture: The perfect match for Vétiver Royal Bourbon, 
the newly installed Bourbon (Borbón) king ,
HM King Felipe VI of Spain.
Photo borrowed from the net, photograph 
The review is based on wearings both by me and the vetiverconnoisseur Mr Parfumista, whos top vetiverfragrance of all times is the above mentioned Turtle Vetiver Excercise 1. Despite the similarities with the Turtle, Mr Parfumista is strongly considering adding Vétiver Royal Bourbon to his collection and that´'s a good rating as he very rarely buys a full bottle, the latest was by the best Oriza of them all, Chypre Mousse. Vétiver Royal Bourbon is classified as unisex and it is, even if I think it's leaning to the masculine side. Beeing a vetiver, the fragrance is exceptionally suitable for dressed up occassions but is also appropriate for office or as casual-chic. The longevity is good, about a day and the sillage is pleasantly present.

Rating: 5

Notes: Peppermint, thyme, vetiver, labdanum, iris, sandalwood, juniper, leather, styrax, immortelle, tobacco, oakmoss