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Pierre Balmain - Extatic

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Extatic is the latest release from the venerable house of Pierre Balmain. Extatic is created by Emelie Copperman.

Extatic starts with soft flowery, slight fruity notes accompanied by a light woody smell which induces a note that almost smells like something I image as light tobaccoflowers. There is nothing of the annoying candy like sweetness of many mainstream fragrance, the sweetness is well balanced. The rest of the flowery impression is nondescript and there is hard to sort out any of the individual notes. The woody notes are soft, with the musky cashmeran dominating probably infused with some clean patchouli. Overall a pleasant, polite, easy to wear and non-extatic fragrance, without own identity or specific features. Extatic is suitable both for day and night and it's not a heavy partyfragrance. The longevity is very good as often with woody-musky fragrances, more then 12h.

To be honest I'm a bit confused about Extatic. It's IMO a let down from the good releases of Balmain the latest decade such as the very well reformulated Ivoire and Vent Vert as well as the contemporary creations Ambre Gris and Carbone. I hope this is a temporary incident and not a trend reversal in the Balmain perfumeline. This doesn't mean there is something wrong with Extatic, quite the contrary, it's a good mainstream perfume that many will like. The issue is that I have higher expectations on Balmain than just to be likable and pleasing.

Those who like easy to wear, pleasant, contemporary, woody florals will probably like Extatic. I can't put my nose on which fragrances Extatic resembles but I smell the likes when walking around in the public. Anyway, Extatic is worth trying, remember my medium rated perfume could be your top rated :-)

Rating: 3

Notes: Rose, osmanthus, pear, orchid, iris, jasmine, amyris, sandalwood, cashmeran, leather

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