fredag 3 januari 2014

Huitième Art - Monsieur

Picture: Monsieur in its stylish bottle
Photo: PR Huitième Art (c)
Monsieur is the latest fragrance in Pierre Guillaumes line Huitième Art where each fragrance emphasizes on a special ingredient. In Monsieur different nuances of wood is the star and it's the first fragrance that is classified as masculine in the line, just as the excellent Poudre de Riz from last year was classified as (and really is) feminine. The review is based on comments from and my own impressions from Mr Parfumistas several wearings of a sample from Fragrance & Art.

Monsieur starts strong woody, the fizz of fresh cedar and sandalwood is prominent, underscored with incense. Vetiver and blond woody notes supports interacting with heavier notes as oak and a dry, clean and stripped down, woody patchouli, it's not the typical earthy and herbal "full" patchouli. The over all impression is a dry woody fragrance, linear in its construction as almost everything happens at the same time. When sniffing Monsieur another true woody Pierre Guillaume  fragrance  from the Parfumerie Générale line comes to my mind: L`Eau Guerriere even if that one is in a brighter and lighter context, but not in strength. Another fragrance comparable with Monsieur is Robert Piguet Bois Noir. There also something that resembles parts of Puredistance Black but Monsieur is drier and louder.

Monsieur is a reaible, true woody fragrance intensified with incense which creates a sort of radiating impression. It's in the cathegory "perfect for office" as it's smells appealing and inoffensive. Unfortunately the longevity doesn't match the strong initial impression, Monsieur stays at skin for about 6-8h (on Mr Parfumistas scenteating skin). On the other hand, on a paperstrip or cloth, it stays for days.

Despite not an original and innovating fragrance, it seems as sort of created in a rush and to be honest, not really worthy a nose that have created gems as for example Poudre de Riz,  Cozë and Papyrus de Ciane   Monsieur is a good choice for those in search for a contemporary, basic, woody fragrance.

Rating: 3         (my initial rating was 4 but after some further sniff & consideration I concluded that this is nothing but a good basic woody fragrance ie 3)

Notes: Patchouli, cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, poplar buds, incense, papyrus, oak, oakmoss

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  1. I like this bottle. And I like woody fragrances. So I still will try the perfume if I get a chance - I'm known to unexpectedly fall in love with some of the perfumes that others considered just OK.

  2. You might like it, it's a good perfume, it's a PG creation after all. IMO he has not failed with any of his creation so far, not even with Musc Maori which is way too sweet for me. Even if I personally don't like M M it it's a well made parfume.