onsdag 4 september 2013

Mission completed!

An adventurous colluege and me couldn't resist (despite all negative sayings that it's not possible to see the President) going to this institution not far away from our office where Barck Obama made one of his visits. Here he is, in the Beast, photographed by my colleague (all credits to her for the picture:-), we saw him waving when passing the crowd.
It will be fun reporting in the office tomorrow - We did it !!!

SOTD: I dug up my sample of Tommy Girl from Tommy Hilfiger, I'm a little weak for this sort of honest, american applepie, american dream, styled scent, Calice Becker did a good job here, as almost always. And Barack Obama is indeed the image of the american dream, the regular guy who through hard work reached the highest position in the world. Mr Parfumista also chosed american but a more sofisticated style: DK Man in its original 90s version.

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