måndag 15 juli 2013

M.Micallef - Art Collection Rouge No 1

Picture: The beautiful Rouge No 1 bottle,
created by Martine Micallef herself.
Photo:PR by Parfums M.Micallef (c)
Rouge No 1 is the first part of the summer 2013 limited edition Collection Rouge from the house of the artful and beautiful bottles and perfume M.Micallef. It's a highend fruity floral, created by the M.Micallef houseperfumer Jean-Claude Astier. The red bottles of the two Rouges are stunning to say the least.

Rouge No 1 starts soft vanillic-fruity with an accord that smells almost as smoothed red berries in creme but this is probably the peach interacting with the other notes in this very pleasant gourmand symphony. There is also a contrasting pleasant note of "dry dust on a lighted bulb" which is present in for example Mona di Orio Carnation and makes the opening quite interesting. Particulary in this stage, Rouge No 1 has similarities with the delicious creamy-berry-fruity Jeunesse from Robert Piguet which is a bit more edgy in style. In the next stage Rouge No 1 becomes more floral as also the wellbalanced white musk in the basenotes which gives a certain contrasting dept in this almost edible, yummy blend. The intresting and well balanced "dustnote"weakens during the dry down but a hint is still there in the base, something that I appreciate of course as I usually like  a"weird" twist in a fragrance.

Rouge No 1 is quite linear and confidently recognizable, with its returning but gradually evolving accords, during the dry down. Despite edible as a pastry, Rouge No 1 is not dense and thick or too sweet and therefore also suitable for summer. It blooms beautiful in warm weather, the musk anchors the other ingredients and ensures a good longevity for 12h+.  The overall impression is a fragrance constructed with high quakity ingredients with notes that are arranged in a wellbalanced harmony. Rouge No 1 is a true wrist sniffer,very comfortable and easy to wear.

Rouge No 1 could be interesting to those who like M.Micallef Ylang in Gold as they are close in style and also, there are similarities in the context (expect the patchouli) of Miss Dior Le Parfum and also the, IMO underestimated comfortscent, Chanel Coco Noir.

Rating: 4+

Notes: Peach, mandarine, ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, vanilla, musk, benzoin

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  1. The only perfume I like from those you've mentioned for the comparison is Coco, everything else is a miss for me. It doesn't mean I won't try Rouge 1 (and 2) if I get a chance since I have good feelings about the brand but I won't be actively seeking itas well.

  2. Wellcrafted and comforting but whithout the personal and very specific character of Le Parfum Couture.The perfumbuyer in search for a delicious gourmand should consider the Rouges over most of the mainstream stuff avaible ib this category IMHO :)