lördag 29 juni 2013

Fragrance(s) of the week (26-27) 2013 - Geeky

Photo: Parfumista (c)
One of my favorite perfumerelated occupations is side-by-side testings on different themes,.For example perfumes that I think are quite similar, when testing them one on each arm, in most cases the differences are bigger than what I have percived from smelling the fragrances separately. Another interesting exercise is to test different strenghts (perfume, Edp, Edt) which  also are more or less different formulas of the same fragrances. The most intriguing test is to compare formulations from different decades to find out how a fragrance has evolved from reformulations over the years. Such thrilling exercise are waiting this summer. Last week, on the monthly perfumelunch exhanging samples with  Fragrantfanatic, I recieved some interesting vintagesamples from FF:s bargain on Tradera (swedish E-bay). Now I looking forward to compare the Madame Rochas EDC (70s) with the Madame Rochas Pdt (80s?) and current Madame Rochas Edt I have. Also the Grés Cabochard Edt is very interesting, the sample I received from the 70s to the Edt version I have from the late 90s. I know that the current forumla is pale compared to the late 90s formula, if the difference is that big also between the 90s and 70s formula, than the 70s must be impressive!

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  1. I´m looking forward to hear what you think about the samples. I´m currently in Iceland and stumbled over a big collection of essential oils, both blended and pure, in my mothers refrigerator, of all unexpected places. I had no idea she had them and now I´m testing them for a difference :)

  2. What a pleasant surprise, olfactory experiments are always intriguing (almost). Looking forward to hear from your testing too.Have a nice stay in Iceland!