lördag 11 maj 2013

Fragrance(s) of the week (19) 2013 - Hurry up!

Picture: Miss Dior
Photo: PR Christian Dior (c)
When I a few days ago was reading  this scary entry on the parfumehistorian/perfumeexpert Octavians blog 1000Fragrances, I can not help feel contended with my perfumecollecting strategy during the latest 6-7 months. I have stocked up and complemented with some classics that I really like or think a "full" perfumecollection should contain.

Of course these classics have been reformulated many times since they first appeared but as I have understand from reading the experts as Octavian and Elena at  Perfumeshrine the new regulations will almost completely ruin many of the greats. So the latest half year I have neglected  investments in current perfumereleases, of course I have tested as many as always from samples, but as FB investments I have given the classics the total priority. And even there are some very nice stuff in the current releases tested, overall I get a greater experience with these by this operation salvaged classics as Dior Miss Dior (orginale but the version before the Orignale was added to the name) back-up bottle and Dolce Vita, back-up bottles of Thierry Mugler Angel, Guerlain Shalimar, Mitsouko and L'Heure Bleue and also the 2010 version of Yves Saint Laurent Opium to spare my ca 25 ml left of the vintage Edt-version.

Today, it's only 61 days left, so hurry up if you want to be sure to secure some of the perfumelegacy for your collection.........
Picture: Guerlain Mitsouko
Photo: PR Guerlain (c)

2 kommentarer:

  1. It upsets me beyond any measure :( Idon't knowwhere to run and what to buy.

    Any chance you know what to read "on EU website"? (who reports like that?!! Some people's anthropophobia overgrows them)

  2. It seems that tonka been, citric notes and carnation are among the most threatened, somewhere I read orientals was most affected but not flowery fragrances. But who knows.
    I havn't bother reading or even googeling the EU-site as other seems to do the research :-). If I'll guess, it will not be so dramatic, probably somewhere in the middleground. I suppose the regulations becomes effective doesn't mean forbidden to sell after 1 July, just that the production should be adjusted with allowed quantities of/without the restricted ingredients.