lördag 9 mars 2013

Fragrance(s) of the week (10) 2013

Picture:Lilac Syringa Vulgaris in bloom
Photo: Author Marisa deMeglio from NYC, USA
(cc) Wikimedia Commons
This late winterweek, even if chilly, is showing signs of the coming spring. The light is here, the sun is warm in the middle of the day and the snow is melting. Inspired of that I have enjoyed my lighter Frederic Malle samples: L'Eau d'Hiver, what could be more appropriate than a fragrance inspired of melting snow, Angeliques sous la Pluie, I like the hay-ish note and the herbalflower touch and my favorite among the three En Passant, the most true lilac scent I have tested so far, even truer than the beautiful After My Own Heart by Ineke.

These three light Malles are well constructed and very easy to wear. Nothing extreme but timeless and minimalistic, the archetypes of spring staplefragrances.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I've been wearing L'Eau d'Hiver every now and then for about a year and I just recently (after having tried Angeliques sous la Pluie) realized how much angelica there's in there. All of a sudden the feel of it became very different! From a perfectly integrated pale mauve aquarelle into something coarser and lot more demanding that I can't really describe. Perfumes never cease to amaze :D

  2. I think L'Eau d'Hiver deserves more testing from me. I liked it but thought it's similar to other transparant, musky,woody, slight powdery floral frags. But there is something alluring hidden there,something I couldn't put my nose on yet. L'Eau d'Hiver has an own personality after all...

  3. Every spring (late april/early may) I crave lilac perfumes. In reality, I crave lilac which isn't easily available where I live, but lilac perfumes help a little. I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing, but En Passant doesn't work for me: there is some strange note in there that bothers me. But there are at least several other perfumes that do the trick for those couple of times a year when I need lilac.

  4. Yes lilac is a tricky note but right handled and in perfumes which are not dominated by the note like Puredistance Opardu lilac is great. And I like the Ineke lilac...