lördag 2 februari 2013

Fragrance of the week (5) 2013

Picture: Haversting pepper, Illustration from Le livre des merveilles de Marco Polo
 ("The Adventures of Marco Polo"), date unknown, Wikimedia Commons.
Rushing  through my Fredric Malle samples to figure out if there is any FB I "have to" buy before the perfumemarauder regalutions eventually takes effect this summer.  Read an interview somewhere (Basenotes?) where Malle stated that his perfumeportfoilo would be heavely affected if the rules are implemented. As my samples are a few years old (2009) some reformulations probably are already implemented, if I remember correctly 2010 was a year of though IFRA selfregulation, but anyway...
To my surprise the a bit strange creature Noir Epices by Michel Roudnitska, attracted compliments and that without me asking for an opinion. To me Noir Epices is both attractive and repulsive in the same time. I really like the dry spicy hot notes and the orange and rosewater. But there is also an overall impression of an old mans cologne worn on unwashed skin in some stages of the dry down. All these together makes Noir Epices challenging and interesting to wear, something that I appreciate very much when it comes to perfume.
PS: When going through the Frederic Malle consultation form on their website serveral years ago, the two recommended frags where Carnal Flower, which I, as a tubereuselover of course had to have, and Noir Epices

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  1. I have a similar problematic relationship with Geranium pour Monsieur, have you tried that one? Starts with sharp geranium and tomato leaves with mint added (just the coolness, nost the herbines) that turns into a Chinese 5-spice soup. I haven't ever smelled anything like it!

    NE did grow on me when I was doing the laundry and found the sweater I'd been wearing when I last wore NE. It still smelled of the drydown. That part is very good :)

  2. Haven't tried Geranium pour Monsieur. Read somewhere that the geraniumnote accord is present also in Portrait of a Lady, which I like very much. Therefore I have written GpM off as "included" in PoaL but from your description I now understand it is'nt.

  3. Oh, they are very different. I do believe that there is geranium in PoaL, but it's not very pronounced, I think it's mostly used to make the rose feel more nuanced. In GpM the geranium is displayed from a more vegetable-ish facet, right in the foreground!

  4. I tried Noir Epices only once and got mixed feelings: I liked the opening, then for acouple of hours it was rather unpleasant but then got nicer... As you can imagine, it's hard to persuade oneself to test it again after such initial impression. But I will re-test it one day.

  5. I think you "has to" give it another chance.It's a frag that takes some time to appreciate, if you it finally clicks of course.It's a strange one...