måndag 11 juni 2012

An unstressed (?) perfumeweek

Photo: Mr Parfumista (c)

As I wrote in my previous post, the previous week I have, in order to calm down perfumewise and to appreciate what I already have, endovered to use from my regulary samples and bottles and not from the unsampled samples waiting for test. This was the scents of the “calming down parfumeweek”:

Monday: The beautiful iris classic Annick Goutal Heure Exquise. Elegant and classy, longevity is great in the Edp-version. H E is the warm contrast to the resembeling but instead cold iris of Chanel No 19 Edp. A classic iris is somhow calming and creates confidence to the wearer, a good choice for the workplace.

Tuesday: Almost too late to the celebration of HRH Queen Elisabeth II sixty years of the thorne. Monday evening I’ve read the perfumtip for each day of the festive days on the Scented Salamander. But the last festiveday was Tuesday and I choosed one of the proposed scents, namely CdG Avignon as the church was celebrating the Queen this day. On Tuesday I also tested Madonnas Truth or Dare on the go and as a tubylover I of course fell for it.

Wednesday: Creed Fantasia de Fleurs. Thank to Mr Parfumista I still have this in my possession. I was in the process to advertise it when Mr Parfumista stopped me as he think this is a beautiful floral. Definitly he’s right, this is an interesting iris-rose dominated boquet leaning on a deep, sort of almost salty animalic base, the typical Creedian ambregris-muskbase. I’m so glad Mr Parfumista sopped me selling this off.

Thursday: I was wearing the according to my opinion the top classic so far during the 2000th centruary, Prada Infusion d’Iris Edp. My judgement as a great classic is based on that Prada Infusion d’Iris Edp is a well crafted fragrance with its own identity and a timeless character. It fits almost every everyday occasion during all seasons. The wide distrubition that make such a classy and versatile fragrance available to many people is great. When I wore the Prada today I recognized a slight airy, spicy accord that I’ve never thought of before. This addad a cosy, comfortable touch to the otherwise almost businesslike aura of the I d’I Edp.

Friday: Today I wore a true comfortscent for meduim warm summerdays and also, have I noticed, for rainy, foggy days in the middle of the autumn: Bulgari Rose Essentielle Edp. Not a complicated arty creation but a beautiful, spritzy very pink, sunny rose with some supporting, very light, fruity accords. This wearing I recognized that in the top and in the beginning of the middlenotes there is traces of Yvresse from YSL, the same elegant flowery-fruity sparkling expression. Than RE Edp ets mote pink rosy and mingles well with the white musky base.

Saturday: Oh no, gone astray from the peaceful perfumetrack of the weekdays and fell into a day of “testomania”. Big sale on the Annick Goutal site made me digging up my AG samples to test and compare, some on skin, some on paperstrips. On skin I was comparing Mandragore vs Mandragore Pourpré, on my daugther Petite Cherie was tested and compared with Le Mimosa on a paperstrip. Vanille Exquise was on another strip, it has a peppery note that makes the impression strangely enough close too the gardenia/tuberose/ozonic green Un Matin d’Orage. Also re-tested and finally re-evaluated Nuit Etoilée on another spot on the skin and finally surrendered: I need more of this (the mens version of the bottle is soooo beautiful). A stressful perfumeday, but on the other hand – perfume IS my hobby and sampling is fun.

Sunday: Can not avoid some samplig today either. Mr Parfumista is sampling the beautiful, light and bright tobaccoscent Pohadka from YS Uzac. Oddly, this one although reported as weak in longevity from different reviews and also splashed from the sample, it lasts quite ok on Mr Parfumistas usually scent-consuming skin. A lovely, fresh interpretation of the tobaccoleave. And me, just J sampling two frags today. On the left arm I have applied from my neglected bottle of Armani Code Edp for Woman. All this just because Code was rated only as 1 in The Guide and described as a candy floral. To my humble opinion Code is much better than that and a versatile summerfragrance. On the left arm: The comfortable, smooth, fruity Juste un Rêve Parfums de Nicolaï. No sticky or harsh notes, just a jummy, creamy peachy/apricoty texture on the slight green calchy base, recognizable from some other Nicolaïs for example Vanille Tonka.

Summary: In the weekdays I almost managed to stick to old workhorses expect on Tuseday when I tested a spritz of Madonnas Truth or Dare passing a perfumeshop. Then relaxing on the weekend, everything was unleashed, an anticipated behavior from the perfumaddict I undoubtedly am.

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  1. You had a great week (well, at least perfume-wise)!

    You wore two of my favorite perfumes: Heure Exquise and Infusion d'Iris. These two irises are so different but both extremely beautiful. Right now I'm trying to figure out if I should finally give up and buy a sample of Nuit Etoilée (I tested it only once from a friend's sample vial and want more) or should I still wait until I get to the city and try it at the store (though the price of parking might be easily higher than a price of both a sample and S&H). Though I must say that if I decide to add it to my collection, it will be a women's bottle - I adore those.

  2. Hi Undina,
    Go for a sample :-) I was wearing the rest of my NE sample this Monday and Tuesday and I think NE has became even more intriguing, different impressions each wearing. During Monday the herbal slight smokey-minty notes dominated and during Tuseday there was almost all about coriander, like a refined version of J.Courtier (?) Coriandre. Both bottles are beautiful but the mens version is 8 EUR less so that settles the matter.