onsdag 25 april 2012

By Kilian - Bamboo Harmony

Bamboo Harmony is the other of the two Calice Becker fragrances released 2012 in the ByKilian Asian Tales line.The line is planned to continue at least five fragrances which will be launched during the next three years.

As with Water Calligraphy earlier this week, I've recognize another fragrance immediately when spraying BH. This time I recognize a smoother Escale à Pondichéry by Dior in the earlier stages of the dry down infused with some hints of Keiko Mecheris Les Nuits D'Izu. After a while BH is back on the smoother EsP trail, with less spices, tea and jasmine than EsP BH is a nicer and more polite version on the citrus-tea-aromatic-flowery theme. Nice, pleasant, refreshing and harmless, this is the perfect officescent for summer. Also as well suited for casual wear.

Well blended and polished, no harsh or sharp notes but unoriginal and somehow dull to be an expensive By Kilian frag.

Rating: 3

Notes: Bergamot, neroli, bigaride, tea, mimosa, spices, oakmoss, holly, figleaves

2 kommentarer:

  1. Tack för senast, det var supertrevligt!!! (I've no idea how to say that in English)

    I tried BH yesterday and I do agree that, while there is nothing wrong with the scent in itself, it does feel rather generic, although I couldn't have said what other scents it smells like. Srikes me like a great newbie scent, but not a scent for someone thriving on weirdness, smellwise :)

  2. Tack du med, jättetrevligt så härligt att få sväva bort i parfymprat och annat! As you said in your tweet eariler this week - we were the best smelling ladies in the whole Fältan.

    Despite the generic touch of both BH and WC I think that both are well constructed, the notes well balanced and most important the longevity is great beeing such a light and unoffensive scents. Your perfectly right in your newbie classification, a classy newbiescent that's the image the two new Kilians conveys.