måndag 2 januari 2012

The Perfume(s) of New Years Eve

Photo: Mr Parfumista (c)

For New Years Eve Mona di Orios Tubereuse won me over. My other alternatives was MdO:s Nuit Noire and Oud. Tubereuse is a gentle, lightly spicy, putty tuby, with someting that reminds me of a teanote on my skin. Nothing like the Fracas bombshell, which is one of my top favorite perfumes.

Mr Parfumista was wearing his Christmas gift and growing favorite MdO:s Cuir. Though, rough and smoky, a perfect scent a cold and frosty day, just as the last day of 2011.

Don't know what our guests for New Years Eve were wearing. One of them is very found of Penhaglions Artemisia but her bottle has run out since long.

An ambition for this blog 2012 is to increase the numbers of posts in english. But as I already have many pre-written in swedish, the english posts will increase gradually. And sometimes I just have not enough time to translate from swedish.

Now I looking forward to a great perfumeyear 2012!

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