måndag 9 maj 2011

Nasomatto - Nuda (english version)

The excentric Dutch perfumhouse Nasomattos Nuda is a straight through jasmine fragrance. I highlights the many different facets of this fragrant giant. I suspect that the scent is anchored in warm sandalwood and musknotes, but otherwise it is a pure jasmine based on the natural jasmine oil. Nuda highlights both pure and clean white jasmine, it's fruity aspects and some of the dirty, animalic and leathery notes. Although in the latter case it does not go nearly as far as Maître Parfums et Gantiers Jasmine which is a real dirty "horse and stable" fragrance which I love.

On my skin Nuda starts with a fruity note of jasmine that smells a bit like fresh, not quite ripe bananas. In this phase Nuda projekts widely but it only lasts for a moment. Then it becomes drier and brighter and then take on a particular note of leather and some dirt. When Nuda is stabilized it commute between these stages, sometimes with the additional green banana note. Overall, the impression of Nuda is round and creamy white flowers. Nuda is very comfortable and it's a skin-scent with low projection. But it is also a perfume that is  made ​​with a high precentag of natural extracts and jasmine oils.Natural ingredients generally wears more close to the skin and is there exclusively for the wearer herself. After the impressive start, I get a little disappointed that Nuda then become almost quiet. The scent is so good that I want it to have a larger aura. But I suspect it is a peculiarity of the jasmine fragrance with a large element of natural ingredienses: Powerful in the beginning but then I have to press my nose against my wrist to know them properly. Exactly the same happens with Montale  a fragrance which is similar in style although it has a larger element of another flower = orange blossom.
Nuda is a elegant fragrance fit for a bride on her wedding day. The disadvantage is the limited projection, at least on my skin. But with a fairly strong application, there will still remain distinct fragments of Nuda after a whole day.

Rating: 3 +

Notes: Jasmine

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