tisdag 26 april 2011

Puredistance - Summary

Puredistance certainly is stylish, more or less classic perfumes of high quality. But they add nothing new, they are themes on the classics or other scents that's are already in the market. Puredistance alone should not be critisized for this, a large part of, especially the designer fragrance market, is just copycats of other scents. But it's just that the Puredistance seems to want to promote itself as a unique luxury nichehouse that makes me extra critical.

With its more or less luxury falcons (you can choose from at least two variations of bottles for each fragrance which is appealing) and a promotion that focuses on class and elegance Puredistances fragrances seems to be targeted at the growing group of "nouveau riche". Sub-segment men and women 35 + who anxiously want to feel confident that they are "right". And a Puredistance fragrance is always "right": Well balanced, good quality and modulated but not so exciting. A perfume that can not possibly offend anyone. I was really disappointed in 1, had expected much more from what I've read about the fragrance. Annoying that  M, even if it smells interesting, feels like an almost straight knock off (in perfume strength) of old classy Hermès Bel Ami. Luckily for Puredistance I think pretty good about Antonia despite the detergent note. So future releases from the house may nevertheless be worth testing.

In conclusion, I like M most, before Antonia with 1 pretty far behind.


M: 4 
1: 3
Antonia:  3+

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